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The design of a nail salon is designed according to specific requirements and factors. Attractive interior aesthetics must balance harmoniously with cool practicality.

Let’s look at the fundamental factors that need to be considered when creating a nail salon business plan. Nail salons a place where women come with hopes of improvement and a remarkable transformation. The interior of a modern temple of beauty must correspond to such desires, carry unique energy that sets you up for a positive result. What do designers advice, and what trends in the design of beauty salons have developed today?

Nothing extra

A nail salon is a space with sound functionality, where every square meter is thought out and planned. No need to force the salon with useless and massive furniture. To create a recognizable image, use bright details and accessories to draw attention to specific areas with accents or a combination of color and texture. While making the interior of beauty salons, designers adhere to particular rules of spatial planning and, at the same time, use non-trivial decoration techniques. We must not forget that for the owners, this is an enterprise to which strict requirements are imposed on the part of the supervisory authorities. The degree of illumination of the treatment rooms, the finishing material, the standard indicators of the sizes, and the available content must be taken into account when creating the interior.

Style selection

When creating a nail salon interior design, you can rely on any desired style or combination. It all depends on the concept of the salon and the target audience that the salon expects. However, several techniques have become firmly established in the nail salon industry and are enjoying success. One of the popular types is minimalism. Based on this style, impressive interiors are created – with details in retro style, classic, urbanism, glamor. The loft is also a popular style in the interior of beauty salons. The loft-style design does not require excessive finishing, so you can safely use brickwork, plaster, self-leveling floor, and project vinyl. The use of decor and original details will allow you to embody a beauty salon’s fashionable image.

Nail salon interior zoning

The convenience of the interiors of commercial premises is always a priority. There are a lot of zones in the interior of the beauty salon: reception, waiting room, treatment rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms. It is necessary to correctly and accurately plan them about each other. Based on the room area, you can use various zoning methods. However, mobile partitions or screens that can be moved if desired are some of the most optimal options. The cornerstones that should form the basis of your interior are comfort, functionality, and practicality. Whichever style you choose, every detail should be aimed at fulfilling these three key parameters. Let’s consider what and how they can be expressed.

A mature concept

The design concept of a nail salon was considered at the very beginning of the design project. You can combine in one salon as many original elements, decor items, and finishing methods as you like. Still, if a common idea does not unite them, there will never be a sense of the image’s integrity. The peculiarities of the provided cosmetic procedures, the style and methods of working with the client, and the philosophy of the salon should also be reflected in the design. It is vital for a floor covering that is durable and safe. Also, the floor’s surface must be flat, without joints or seams, so that dirt and cut hair do not get clogged in them. For offices, choose laminate, parquet, linoleum, or polymer coating. Fashionable carpets today are suitable for decorating receptions and waiting rooms. It is okay if the floors’ material gives a reflective effect that allows you to expand the space visually.

Practicality and practicality again

It is mega important that, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, the nail salons’ interior is convenient to use. Therefore, when choosing materials and furniture, please pay attention to their durability and durability. Instead of cheap plastic, give preference to wood, stone, metal, and glass, which look more beautiful and last long.

The importance of light

Lighting is the main highlight of beauty salons. It is the lighting that allows you to emphasize the dignity of the environment, correctly distribute the attention of visitors, and correctly emphasize the master’s work results. It is also important to note that many cosmetic procedures require high-quality lighting. A whole technical project is developed at each workplace in the interior design of salons.

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