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Have you stained a faux leather chair and don’t know how to solve the problem? Would you like to clean straw kitchen chairs but are afraid to ruin them? We suggest valuable and targeted maintenance tips: learn how to do it thanks to these natural remedies, guarantee effective cleansing and extend its duration over time. In this blog we write about how to clean out your office:

The chairs are a necessary piece of furniture in the office, at home, or in the garden: they exist for all tastes, from traditional chairs in wood and straw to the most modern, in eco-leather or aluminum.

Each type of chair requires targeted maintenance, which enables efficient cleaning, and Learns how to clean your chairs without damaging them with these effective natural remedies that will always make you look new!

Eco-leather chair

Eco-leather is a synthetic material obtained from leather processing residues. It is a cheap and easy to clean product used in bed covers, sofas, and chairs.

For daily cleaning of eco-leather chairs, a soft microfiber cloth soaked in cold water and soap will suffice: Marseille soap or cleansing milk is a good help against stains, but don’t forget to use rough sponges that could create irreparable scratches.

On the other hand, alcohol effectively against the most stubborn stains, such as wine or ink. Also, in this case, moisten a cotton cloth in a water and alcohol solution, gently rubbing the stain; to avoid unpleasant surprises, it would always be better to test any cleaning product in a hidden corner.

Wicker chair

Wicker is already used in ancient Greece; it is a resistant textile fiber primarily used in equipment production.

Wicker chairs are trendy for furnishing open spaces, and for that reason, they are more prone to decay, caused by direct exposure to the sun and bad weather. To guarantee them a longer duration, do this:

dust stool with a stiff bristle brush to remove surface dust with a vacuum cleaner;

  • prepare a solution of warm water, Marseille soap, and a tablespoon of salt and continue to wash the stool with a soaked sponge or laundry brush;
  • rinse thoroughly with hot water, removing soap residue;
  • dry with a soft cloth and leave the stool exposed in the open for several hours;
  • polish the knit with a soft cloth soaked in a few drops of linseed oil.

Alternatively, you can use this medicine: dilute about 25 grams of bicarbonate (one tablespoon) with a teaspoon of water. Spread the dough obtained on the stool with a brush and rinse with plenty of water.

Straw chair

The straw chairs are widely used in cooking and require special maintenance because natural fibers are more prone to rapid wear. For thorough cleaning, do the following:

  • clean the straw with a brush with soft bristles to remove food debris and dust between the cracks;
  • pour a liter of hot water into the basin and dissolve a handful of coarse salt ;
  • continue washing the stool with a soft bristle brush or sponge.

Straw loses its natural color over time. To revive it, rub a brush soaked in lemon juice that you will send when you are done; to whiten it, use a deciliter of hydrogen peroxide per liter of water.

Viennese straw chair

Reed is formed from reeds and is used to coat many furniture. This lightweight and flexible material is very durable and feels smooth like plastic; for that reason, it is one of the most commonly used materials for filling chairs.

To clean the Viennese straw chair from the dust that accumulates in the interspaces, a solid brush with bristles is very useful, which will remove all the excess, including the most challenging available debris.

Aluminum chair

The aluminum chairs are light and durable and therefore suitable for outdoor decoration. Because they are more exposed to atmospheric agents, they need delicate and efficient cleaning with targeted products.

Never use an abrasive sponge to clean the aluminum chair, as it can be scratched and damaged. Instead, opt for a soft sponge soaked in hot water, 80 ml of Marseille soap, and 200 ml of white vinegar.

You can also use a solution of water and bicarbonate: dissolve five tablespoons in boiling water and gently rotate with a well-wrung cloth. Rinse and dry with a dry cloth.

Do shine, rub half a lemon on the aluminum surface, and dry with a cotton towel if you want the chair.

Chair in fabric or canvas

Maintaining a chair made of non-removable fabric or fabric requires a more extended procedure. Before replacing any stains, it is necessary to check that the fabric is perfectly intact and that there are no excessively worn areas. In this case, it is better to contact the upholsterer.

If the chair fabric is in good condition, do the following:

use a vacuum cleaner with the accessories supplied for upholstery. Gently remove excess dust, insisting on the most challenging places, such as seams and joints with the frame;

  • Prepare a solution of warm water and Marseille soap; alternatively, the soap you use to wash your hands will also be delicate;
  • Lightly rub the stains from top to bottom, without lingering too long: the liquid must not stagnate on the canvas as it could penetrate too deeply into the substrate;

leave the stool to dry outdoors for at least 24 hours, without exposure to direct sunlight. It is better not to use a hairdryer to speed up the operation because traces may remain.

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