Cheap Car Rental: 3 Tips To Avoid Being Deceived Cheap Car Rental

Cheap Car Rental: 3 Tips To Avoid Being Deceived Cheap Car Rental

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If you think about the budget, many people like to use cheap car rental services. However, you need to wisely choose a good rental car to make it easier for you to drive from starting to rent to returning the car. in this article we read about the cheap car rentals, there are three tips to keep you from being fooled by cheap car rentals:

1 Finding a Company That Offers Collision Damage Waiver

The credibility of a car rental company will be more assured when we can see their “shop.” You can get more and detailed information about the services they offer through their website. In addition, make sure the company also provides accident insurance such as Collision Damage Waiver or CDW.

It is given to the tenant to reduce the excess liability to a minimum. For example, if a renter intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to a rental car company’s vehicle, the renter is liable to pay a deductible excess. That is also why you need to choose a car rental company that offers this waiver for your safety.

2 Offers Credit Card Payment And Other Payment Methods

The easiest way to identify the credibility of a car rental agency is through credit card payment methods. Most car rental companies that have credit card facilities usually offer good service. With this credit card payment, it makes it easier for customers to rent a car. A company that cares about customer convenience will definitely make sure you will feel comfortable renting with them.

You are also a company that offers various payment methods such as:

  • Online banking
  • bank transfer
  • Payment
  • With the convenience of multiple payments, it makes it easy for you to make payments.

3 Take Pictures And Check The Car While Getting The Car

When you get a car, be sure to check the condition outside and inside the car. Check car tires. Make sure the car must be clean or dust-free. After that, check the oil tank level. You can also take pictures of each side of the car, namely the side of the car, front and back. If you are a meticulous person, also check the road tax and maintenance date of the car.

In fact, you have the right not to accept the car if the condition of the car is unsatisfactory and not as what you want.

The bottom line here is that you have to be intelligent and careful if you want to rent a cheap car.

First, survey the car rental company that you want to use its service. May this partnership benefit you!

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carlay Car

1.Take And Return The Car In Different Locations

Among the facilities provided by Carlay Car is the facility to pick up and return cars at different locations. To get this facility, each customer needs to rent for at least 3 days or more.

With this facility, it is easier for you to plan a trip using a rental car for one way trip only. Apart from that, the many Carlay Car branches in almost all states in Lahore, Pakistan, facilitate this matter. Insya-Allah, we are trying to be in all states throughout Pakistan, with an estimated 100 branches in all.

2. a Large number of cars and various model variations

We have nearly 2000 cars with various types and variations of models and specifications to meet customer demand.

In addition, we provide a large number of cars for the most demanding types of cars, such as Perodua , GLI, and luxurious cars. With this advantage, you are free to choose the vehicle that suits you.

3. Nationwide Extensive Network

Carlaycar is a 100% owned car rental company that has 130 branches nationwide.

With the advantage of an extensive branch network covering all states and support in all places, it is why Carlay car is the right and best car rental choice.

Among the advantages of many locations throughout Pakistan:

  • You can rent at another state location and return the car to another state location.
  • If there is a problem or emergency anywhere, Carlay Car provides quick support and assistance.
  • If a problem occurs and requires changing the car, this arrangement can be done easily and quickly.
  • Able to provide car rental services everywhere to facilitate customer travel.

4. 24 -hour emergency support

Various things can happen while driving a car, such as accidents and car breakdowns. The situation can be pretty tricky if driving a rental car.

Therefore, carlay car provides 24-hour emergency support from various channels, including 0300-3300449 and the branch telephone number. We are always ready if the customer faces a problem.

Apart from that, we also have a network of contacts and support throughout Pakistan. If there is a problem even in the recesses of the forest, we are ready to help you.

5. Driving Unlimited Kilometers

We often get inquiries from customers who want to know if there are driving limits for long journeys with carlay car rental cars.

In fact, as long as the travel location is still within Pakistan, it is allowed as long as the place is under carlay car supervision.

For now, we have not yet opened the driving limit to overseas such as Thailand and Singapore. God willing, we will open branches in other countries.

6. Paperless Car Rental Process

You can book a car rental online. Any proof and booking records will be sent to your email.

7. Can Collect easy point To Get More Rewards

Easy point is a reward gift to customers. Currently, customers can redeem easy point by purchasing necessities at the online supermarket.

8. Can Lock And Unlock A Car Using The Application

Now you can open doors and lock cars using the application.

9. Affordable Car Rental Prices

Carlay car car rental prices are very affordable so that you can move to your desired destination with peace of mind.

10. Fast Car Rental 3 minutes

You can continue to book a rental car in a short time only. Easy and fast.

11. Zero Deposit

Usually, other rental car operators will charge a ‘Security Deposit’ as collateral on the car rental or as money to pay for summonses, minor damages, and others.

Some ask for a ‘Security Deposit’ in the form of money with a high value depending on the type of car, how long the rental is, and some ask in the form of items such as laptops, motorcycles, and soon.

The ‘Security Deposit’ high value makes many customers unable to afford to rent a car due to the need for additional money. We do not charge anything for ‘Security Deposit.’ Customers only need to pay the car rental amount! This is one of the conveniences and advantages of carlay car compared to other car rental companies.

Carlay Car rental company will provide you the cheapest service for rent a car in Lahore to make your journey comfortable and easy.

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